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GF+ Treatment Lotion Treats blemishes and dark spots, aging spots, and unhealthy superficial layer of skin. This is a process of treating tired, unhealthy cells from oxidants and irradiation of every day injury whether they are from intrinsic aging process or intrinsic environmental factors.  
GF+ Recovery Complex

Deeper cell lines such as dermal layer that is responsible for the collagen synthesis should be stimulated for new cell regeneration once the damaged skin is treated with a Bion Medica GF+ Recovery Complex. GF is a Growth Factor which plays an important role in cell regeneration. GF is an important regulator of cellular physiological processes including proliferation, differentiation, migration, cell survival and angiogenesis. It is formulated to meet the standards of skincare professionals, our recovery complex includes a variety of ingredients such as EGF, cell-regenerative amino-peptides such as Arginine, Alanine, Acetyl hexa peptide-3 and Bion Medica GF+ Recovery Complex works on deeper skin level to promote cell regeration.


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