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What is EGF?

What is Pycnogenol?

When should I use the GF+ Treatment Lotion?
Apply a thin layer of GF+ Treatment lotion to the entire face, neck, and chest, avoiding eye area after washing your face with soap and water or your cleanser/toner. Allow 3-5 minutes before applying additional products.

When should I use the GF+ Recovery Complex?
Apply small amount of GF+ Recovery Complex to wrinkled area along the lower eye, cheek, oral area and forehead as well as neck area. Apply a thin layer of GF+ Recovery Complex with repeated finger tapping motion to have particles embed deeply. See your skincare professional for a better penetration of Bion Medica GF+ Recovery Cmplex using ultra sound technique and iontophoresis. Use once AM and PM (night time).

What is the difference between growth factor and growth hormone?

Does Bion Skin products work with other skin products?


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