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Bion Medica GF+ is a treatment lotion based on epidermal growth factor (EGF). It has been shown by researchers that All-Trans Retinoic (atRA) smooths wrinkles and provides less pigmented skin after a few months of treatment. Topical use of this ingredient serves as a potent inhibitor of new melanin production. This in turn stimulates the hyaluronate and keratinocytes. This process is stimulated by EGF.

Another important ingredient is French maritime pine extracts, Pycnogenol. Pine bark extract pycnogenol down regulates IFN-gamma-induced adhesion of T cells to human keratinocytes by inhibiting inducible ICAM-1 expression. In turn, it protects cell lines from inflammation. This augments facial and body skin volume and stops the aging process by turning up healthy cell proliferation and prolonging their cell life span.


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