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The Genius of Respecting Your Skin

For almost two decades, Dr. Michael Byun’s passion has been facial rejuvenation with a natural look. Dr. Byun’s goal is to help each patient look and feel beautiful. As the world’s premier plastic surgeon, Dr. Byun has worked tirelessly in discovering new and innovative techniques to enhance each patient’s beauty.

Separating Himself From The Crowd
One of many examples of how Dr. Byun thrives to give a natural look is his approach to face lifts. For decades, plastic surgeons have been taught to cut the skin and pull the skin tight. Dr. Byun was dissatisfied with this simplistic approach because pulling the skin too tight injured the facial tissues. Rather than damaging the skin, Dr. Byun was the first to combine a mid-face lift with the traditional face lift. A mid-face lift is an enscopic procedure that lifts the facial elements underneath the skin through small incisions along the hairline.

Dr. Byun invented this approach to avoid the tight or wind-tunnel look that accompanies pulling the skin too tight. This approach was invented by Dr. Byun to give a more natural result. He has taught his approach to other plastic surgeons and his video tapes from the American College of Surgeons have been used as teaching tools for other doctors.

Missing Element in Facial Rejuvenation
Despite Dr. Byun’s medical, surgical, and technical expertise, Dr. Byun discovered that there are limits to plastic surgery. Though facial muscles can be lifted and repaired, and the skin can be gently lifted, Dr. Byun wanted a non-surgical solution to give the skin back its glow. Dr. Byun found that the topical solutions in the market helped to preserve the skin’s appearance but did nothing to help regenerate it. As a result, Dr. Byun researched to find the missing element, skin regeneration.

Miracle Plastic Surgeon and Discovering the Missing Link
As the attending plastic surgeon at Lutheran General’s trauma ward, Dr. Byun thought that he has seen it all. On February 1, 2004, Dr. Byun met and treated Teri Sue Jendusa-Nicolai for the injuries she suffered at the hands of her ex-husband. She was kidnapped, beaten with a bat, and left for dead, stuffed in a trash bin in an unheated storage locker. Teri had cuts and bruises all over her face and body, she lost a 2” by 2” portion on the back of her scalp, and her limbs were badly frostbitten. Despite surviving the attack, Teri was facing amputation of her legs and one of her arms, and a permanent bald spot on the back of her scalp.

Dr. Byun saved her limbs and beautifully repaired the bald spot on the back of Teri’s scalp. As Teri travels to talk about her experience and to educate people about domestic violence, many people are amazed at how good she looks. “It is difficult for them to believe that I was ever in the shape I had been in.”

While most doctors would have been satisfied with Teri's recovery, Dr. Byun also wanted to address Teri’s scars. As a result, Dr. Byun with a team of international doctors and reseachers, developed topical solutions for skin regeneration to repair and rejuvenate damaged skin.

To find out more about Dr. Michael Byun please visit his website: Top Plastic Surgeon


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